Anschutz Exploration Corporation (AEC) is a private, independent oil and gas company with current projects located in Wyoming, Colorado and Utah. AEC and its predecessors have participated in significant discoveries and development of oil and gas resources worldwide. The company’s experienced operations team has drilled and completed hundreds of oil and gas wells, applying advanced technologies and practices to achieve multiple successes across a spectrum of projects. We are currently focused on projects within the US Rockies, which leverages our company history and technical experience.

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Anschutz Exploration is actively involved and owns assets within the following areas; the Powder River and Washakie Basins of Wyoming, the Piceance and DJ Basins of Colorado and the Unita Basin of Utah. We are proactive in management of our portfolio, which includes adding to our existing projects, searching for new areas of interest or divesting areas which no longer fit with our objectives.

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