Anschutz Exploration

Anschutz Exploration Corporation to Cease Operations and
Exit Project on Blackfeet Reservation

Contact: Brent Temmer

DENVER, March 19, 2013 —After more than a decade of research, negotiation, regulatory effort, significant capital investment and application of modern-technology evaluation methods, Anschutz Exploration Corporation notified the Blackfeet Tribal Business Council yesterday that it has made a business decision to discontinue any further oil and gas exploration on the Blackfeet Reservation.

Anschutz has drilled 14 exploratory wells, and analyzed multiple hydrocarbon-bearing reservoirs.
Drilling and testing have located some resources, but not enough to support further exploration or development investment.

Christopher Hunt, Anschutz’s Chairman and Chief Executive, said “We appreciate the commitment that everyone has made to work for success on this large project; however, there are other projects in our company that require our attention.”

Anschutz has worked with the Blackfeet Tribal Business Council and the regulatory agencies of the Tribe and federal government as well as with allottees and private fee owners to access and explore rock formations at varied depths across a broad area. Anschutz has focused its work primarily on oil. The company’s leasehold of nearly 600,000 acres is on the western third of the Blackfeet Nation.

Anschutz Exploration Corporation is an independent oil and gas exploration firm based in Denver, Colorado. We are recognized by the energy industry and among regulators for outstanding performance in all aspects of exploration and production, and particularly for safety, environmental stewardship and sound operating practices.

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